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My Lemonade Diet Experience.

When I started the diet. I was 119 lbs. Waist 27", Hips 37", upper arm right 10.5 inches, left upper arm 11", right thigh 21.5", left thigh 22".

I would only recommend following this fast after reading Stanley Borroughs' entire booklet. I am taking into consideration that much analogous information is found online even through what looks to be the official website.

For the following days I prepared and drank the following mixture 6 times a day as prescribed in the book "The Master Cleanser" by Stanley Borroughs: 2 tablespoons organic lemon juice, 2 tablespoons organic Grade B Maple Syrup, 1/10 teaspoon organic cayenne pepper, 10 ounces of filtered water. I drank extra water when I felt thirsty.

Day 1 - Wow, this stuff tastes good. My gosh it's 2:30pm by this time I would be starving & I'm not! Evening - gees I'm getting to feel like I would be hungry, I'm gonna drink some more. Wow, don't feel hungry, a little tired, I'll go to bed 11pm. Tried juicer - didn't work well. Tried blender works better - should get the seeds out before or during blending. Biked slowly around for 4 hours. I figured I liked 5 tablespoons of maple syrup per 3 servings. Drank some water throughout the day.

Day 2 - 116.2 lbs in morning. I can't believe I ate nothing yesterday. Wow it feels like I am seeing things brighter. Maybe not, maybe it is just mind over matter. I didn't want to get out of bed. Maybe cuz I need to drink. Got up prepared mixtures really took all the seeds out and blended to liquefy it then I strained it - this seems to work out the best. Looks like I drink exactly 6 - 10oz serving! That's all I need to keep me from being hungry. I measured myself. Took my weight 116.2 lbs! Wow like 3 pounds give or take a few ounces. Started having cravings - bread, penne pasta with pink sauce and more, how can I do this for 10 days? Well, after today it will be 8 days and that doesn't sound so bad. At one point I chugged a lot about 3:30pm and at around 8-9pm didn't feel need to have anymore - wow! Exactly 6 servings again! I can't believe I've gone through 2 days. I should go to bed it's 12:30pm. Did some lunges and leg lifts.

Day 3 - 115.6 lbs in morning. Wow 7 days left. I think I can do this. I should just not have the doubtful thoughts I had yesterday and not think of it as 10 days - think of it as one long day instead. (Yesterday I thought if I was to do this to lose weight I would have never have lasted - too lazy - but I want to clear up the skin on my chest and back and if it works I'll know it was not the sugar but perhaps dairy since this diet eliminates so many things!) No headaches so far, no light headedness. End of day my mouth and teeth feel really lemony. Don't know if I can last on this will I get sick of drinking it. I'm thinking of drinking it with a straw. My cap on my tooth fell out. Mouth feels better not lemony anymore. I was brushing my teeth and the top of it was really sensitive so I decided to floss and it popped right out (ugh) dentist to blame. Nick became a dentist that night and glued it back in for me. Went for a walk. Do my bones and limbs feel strong enough? Wonder if I fall I will break more easily, ok, I can't think like that. Before bed what if I die, have a brain aneurysm while I sleep. Nick will have to find my body in the morning and go completely insane. Ok I can't think like that. I'm hardly pooping.

Day 4 - 115.6 lbs in the morning. I woke up. I feel normal (surprised) Does the lemonade not taste sweet enough? The 1st day it was really sweet. I think 2 batches ended up being sour. The other ones were sweet maybe bad lemons. Went for a drive then small hike, felt good. Low energy but not tired or hungry. I can't believe this is all I'm living off of. Thinking of all the things I may be eating or may not be eating once I'm off this diet. My skin is beginning to perhaps look clearer on my chest - something I noticed in the evening. 114 lbs at night. Arms still measured the same.

Day 5 - I woke up! I had this dream I was working and the catering was a feast - all kinds of gourmet finger food - limitless amounts of everything - whole lobsters - I began to prepare 2 dishes for myself and Nick - saying to myself this would be an exception - no I was on the diet - I woke up worried and confused for a second and was relieved that it was only a dream and that I hadn't strayed from the diet. Yes, I was still on it and doing well! My 5th day! 113.8 lbs in the morning. As the day went on I craved all kinds of pastry breads and perogies and thick cut potato fries. Before bed I craved roasted peppers. Will drink last swig for the evening now. Smallest part of waist 26.5" both arms 11", hips largest part 36" both legs 22".

Day 6 - 113 lbs in morning. This is taking a long time. Makes one realize how long days really are and that one should use each day exactly how it should be used (?) This diet is amazing - no one should be starving. Instead of drip shipments of dry cow milk packets - lemons, lemon seeds and maple syrup and maple seeds should be "dropped"! I didn't poop all day (?!) Thinking of supplementing with Psyllium. Got some exercise in. 114.8 at night.

Day 7 - 112.8 lbs in morning. Finally pooped. I think I'll stay on it 7 more days to have Nick catch up with me - if he is willing to do the 10 days - he is tired of drinking the lemonade - he misses cheese a lot - pizza and Baluchi's especially. Can you believe I went to get more organic lemons and nobody had them? On e store told me there was a lemon crop shortage! In the middle of my lemonade diet there is a shortage. So thank goodness limes are an option, so I switched. I think I like the lemons better. Can't wait to switch back. Having trouble getting myself to exercise. On the computer constantly. 113.6 lbs at night.

Day 8 - 112.6 lbs in morning. I can't stand the limes - it tastes so bad. I luckily found a store with some hard lemons. Can't wait to go back to lemonade. Got some exercise, I'm really tired of this diet. My skin looks like it is still cleansing. Still can't believe I'm not eating regular food regularly. No more cravings thought (?!) 114.4 lbs at night.

Day 9 - 112 lbs in morning. I had to get up early, I feel almost woozy/light headed. Got on my bike to go to work and started to feel better immediately. The day was hot - I got thirsty easily and felt low energy and at times lightheaded like I was operating on another plane. When I would get up from a squat position for example I would start to see spots - then it would pass - I guess that was the beginning of the pass out feeling. Some one mentioned to me that my eyes looked bright and clear - I had never heard that one before. Although I keep saying "I can't believe all I've eaten is this lemonade" I'm more resigned to that fact and now know and believe that this is a superfood that eliminates hunger and allows the body to exist. I also can't believe how much weight I've dropped and hope I can keep it off when I'm done. 113.4 lbs at night.

Day 10 - 110.4 lbs in morning. (I'll make guacamole with all those limes.) Felt ok, more worried about Nick. Thought about those people who slip into comas from being anorexic - not eating enough. I've never seen him look this tired (when it was time for bed) he said I had deep dark circles under my eyes. What's wrong with eating a whole orange - which is what I'm going to do for the juice. I'm so afraid to go back to bread. My skin looks like it is less irritated - it is still healing though so I can't say the diet cleared my skin until it is 100%. Always very tired at night. 112.2 lbs at night.

Day 11 - 110.8 lbs in morning. Although 10 days was an accomplishment, switching to oranges is scary. No more maple syrup! Could not sleep, so I got up early. I decided to eat whole oranges since I was going to juice a whole orange anyway. I was hungry and had up until 5 good sized oranges and by 3:30 pm I was feeling normal. I had a total of 6 oranges for the day and was shocked that that was all I needed. Today was very hard up until 3:30pm. Well, since I got through today, I think tomorrow - only eating oranges will be ok. Walked 30 blocks. 113.4 at night.

Day 12 - 110.4 lbs in morning. Started out eating oranges I think 3 then I ate some celery and nayonaise - had some more during day and for dinner had fried eggplant (not breaded) with sauce. I think that was a bad move as far as putting weight back on goes. I will curb myself tomorrow though. 114.2 lbs at night.

Day 13 - That eggplant - I'm burping it. Today I ate an orange at 6am and because of work didn't get to eat until 4pm - I wasn't hungry but I knew I had to eat. I ate vegetables and rice crackers and tuna and cornchips. 115.4 lbs at night.

Day 14 - 113.4 lbs in morning. Eating "normally" no bread/wheat or diary though. Also, I am "partially vegetarian" so I will continue not eating meat/poultry; I do eat fish and eggs. My arms and legs have remained their same size as per my having measured them. My waist line and hips have diminished.

Now, one month later, I have maintained my weight loss. I maintain a weight of 114-116lbs. I have not been exercising because of work and lack of motivation. I can say my wasteline and hips have maintained their diminished state but I feel I have less muscle and muscle tone and perhaps have lost strength. I am striving to build a more consistent exercise schedule including mainly biking, pilates and jump roping. My skin has also maintained whatever clearing it started while on the diet and perhaps has cleared more but I will know for sure when the clearing is complete.

Now, 6 months later, I've decided to do the lemonade diet again. I have gained back all my weight. I have not had chocolate for 6 months and my skin has maintained its clearing though it is not 100%. At times it is still itchy on my chest and back with minor blemishes. But it definitely looks better. I am into my 6th day. Had cravings the 4th day. It's much easier this time around. Not losing weight at the rate I was last time - but probably not as active since it is winter. The diet experince so far doesn't seems as if my body is wasting away it just seems normal. This time and I'm doing it because I found a large lump on my neck. I was told the sonogram showed it is large matted nodes on the left and other enlarged nodes on the right but those i can't feel with my hand. I'm really scared because I don't know what I may have done to cause this and the results from the biopsy and CT (CAT Scan) tests I haven't heard yet. Of course the doctors don't know anything without the tests so I've heard nothing. It's been 2 months since I found the lump, which was very painful the first two days. I went to an internist. He suggested for me to go to an ENT, get a sonogram and take antibiotics. The day after I found the lump, I started the antibiotics. The third day the pain was gone but the swelling remained. After 4 days on the antibiotics I felt a general heat and dryness in my throat and decided to discontinue because I had to sing a few days from then and was afraid I wouldn't be able to. The lump remained and I decided to go back on the antibiotic (this was 12 days after I had last taken it), I also decided to have the lemonade all day. Later that evening I had pretty bad intestinal pain which passed when it finally built up to the point where I could go to the bathroom. Feeling better. I had a big caramel sundae that night. The combination was foolish and awful. I discontinued the antibiotic and diet. About a week later, it was extremely painful to poop. My butt felt burnt to a crisp, itchy, pealing, etc, I knew I had created an intestinal disaster. During this time, I tired different things to decrease the lump. No manual lymphatic drainage therapist wanted to work on me via the phone consultations I had with them. They directed me to herbs. I tried a cleavers tincture as directed on the bottle until the bottle was empty. I also tried a "lymphtonic" supplement sometimes in combination with the cleavers. When I finished the cleavers tincture I tried nettles. Then I switched to poke root and a poke root salve which I applied onto the mass on my neck for 2 weeks. I also put a necklace of healing magnets on. Then came a yeast infection (which I feel was caused by the antibiotics). I finally met up with a manual lymphatic drainge therapist and she felt the lump and said it was a contraindication, that i should not get manual lymphatic drainage done and to go to the doctor. I finally went to an ENT who took a fine needle biopsy. Still no word back on that. I decided to look into macrobiotics and decided to make a taro root plaster coupled with a few ginger compresses. The book advised against ginger compresses for certain ailments. I didn't know exactly what I had. But decided to stop the compresses. After a few days it seems like the mass is slightly larger and still stiff as hell. Had the CT scan this morning (which was scaring the hell out of me...the iodine IV coupled with being on the diet. Very upset and sad right now. Really at a loss. What could I have possibly done to myself to get a lump? Still sticking out the diet even though macrobitics advises against any tropical fruit and pepper.


Catherine Taormina