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The Following were Essential in making our Project Happen!!

A D.P.: That is, a Director of Photography. Necessary for each scene to be captured with optimal light design. - We Did it Ourselves!

A Camera Operator: We did it ourselves!

Sound Operators: Boom, Lavalier techs, mixers... - We Did it Ourselves!

Sound Equipment: Lavaliers, shot gun mic, booms, mixers, cables, etc..

Costume Needs:
-- Medieval Shirts for the male characters...bought from Etsy at a reduced rate in exchange for credit at the end of each episode. I then hand-dyed each shirt a different color for each actor!
-- Olivia's Mourning Costume including black veil, Olivia's Wedding Dress,
-- Malvolio's Sobering Outfit - I hand made it upcycling clothing from Salvation Army,
-- Priest's Outfit,
-- Feste's Faux Priest Outfit and Beard,
-- Tights for everyone including Malvolio's Yellow Stockings,
-- 1 pair of Garters - I hand made them after purchasing ribbon
-- Wig for Sebastian - I hand dyed my old wig I used to wear during my chemo experience
-- Wig for Aguecheek - I hand altered a woman's wig I purchased at Jack's 99cents store
--Wig attachment for both Aguecheek and Toby Belch with blood effects - hand made
-- Waist Purses - purchased on Etsy and I hand made some
-- Locket - purchased on Ebay
-- Rings - used one Nick found metal detecting that actually said "Viola" inside it.
-- Pantaloon Pants - Khakis which I purchased at Salvation Army which I then upcycled i.e. handmade and then hand dyed
-- Tunics/Tabbard - I hand made both the Dukes and the Sailors
-- Maria's Chemise - purchased on Ebay
-- Maria's Outfit - sponsored by Artemesia Designs check her out on their website under "customer gallery" where they also linked our website! http://artemisia.com
--Policemen's Costumes - handmade upcycled from Salvation Army

Props: Swords (purchased on Ebay), Coins, Letter that dupes Malvolio (hand made by me)

Instruments: Strumstick (sponsored from http://www.strumstick.com/ !!!!), Tabor - purchased

Locations and location permissions - lots of paperwork

Furniture that was missing from location - purchased from Ebay and hand refurbished by Nick and myself

Travel stipends for the cast and crew

Marketing and promotion (website hosting)

Meals and craft service for the cast and crew

Location Insurance - very expensive!

Thank you to those of you who contributed to our out-of-pocket expenses!!!

Post-Production Expenses:

Postage/shipping, and entrance fees for New Media festivals