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Here is the New York City Zip Code Map. If you would like to show your appreciation to me for having scanned this map in and making a webpage for it, or if you find yourself grateful for having it because it made your life easier, I
would be VERY happy if you purchased a of my book of poetry

"Chalkboard With A Bad Eraser"
, because it would make my life easier TEE HEE.

Deep, dark, inspirational poetry.
Email me @ rockstarsissy@gmail.com to do this! Visit my homepage, tell me how great I am, connect me with someone you know in the biz who can advance my career,
if you know someone in the biz and don't connect me with that person, guess what!?!
Someone else out there is connecting someone they know to that same person...

NYC New York City Zip Code Map
Catherine Taormina