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Thanks for visiting my site!

I am ROCKSTAR SISSY!!! That's my name when I perform my songs on my guitar and sing out! I have 23 hit songs to date! I began playing Open Mics and I won prizes at the GAY BARS! haha! I graduated to REAL time slots and began working with other musicians. With a drummer and bass player these songs are brought to another pulse. I have been spending time writing more songs for you and teaching myself lead guitar. As you can imagine, I will satisfy you in that endeavor as well. My performance schedule can be found on my Rockstar Sissy page.

I've continued with my artwork and some of it can be found on my secret artist's page. Can you find it? I'm being tricky as I have designed and maintain this website myself and can have instant fun with it. Check out my resume page, click on commercials to see work I did on fun projects!

I continue to care for the environment and am doing the best I can to do my part in protecting it. I also love practicing and learning survival skills. Last year I attended the Tom Brown Tracker School, living in the beautiful Pine Barens for a week. Find my new Secret Activist's Page! My love for learning things from scratch has extended into textiles with knitting and and crocheting. I knit myself my wedding reception outfit! Have you found the secret fashion page!? My greatest love in the world and my best friend Nick Addeo assists me in all my projects. 3 cheers for we!!!!

The Thing About My Folks with Peter Falk, Paul Reiser, Olympia Dukakis and Elizabeth Perkins has remained the most important accomplishment within my silver screen endeavors. I look forward to using my abilities again within the motion picture industry. I have garnered a few more credits listed on www.imdb.com. In the meantime, I have learned more Final Cut Pro and have been using these skills to create my own cinematic specs many of which I've posted on my youtube site. I look forward to creating more music videos soon in my spare time.

More About My Book "Chalkboard With A Bad Eraser"
Here are some specifics about my book. I designed the whole thing. The layout is one poem a page. It is an odd size as well 7-1/2" wide and 9" tall. It takes 1/2 hour to read when you're cruisin'. It's 96 pages. ISBN: 0-964277-4-4-1. Published by Broken Star Press.

More About My Book "My Steaks Are Rare Put Up Your Dukes You Ain't In The Ring With No Porkchop"
This book is hand made, hand bound print to order. Will be adding a photo of it to my homepage soon!

My "Catch Catherine" Show I will update my site right here in this spot when I upload new shows, now here on my website and on youtube. Another "Catch Catherine" coming soon!

I had the misfortune of getting cancer in late 2007 and I went through 6 months of chemotherapy to get rid of Hodgkin's Lymphoma finishing treatment in July 2008. It was an extremely horrific time yet at times I was still able to be creative and have fun. It was a time where I reorganized priorities and people and allowed some stressful workaholic habits to fall by the wayside - and that is a hard thing for me to do but I'm doing it! Below is a link for an organization FirstDescents.org which I feel is the best organization for survivors and patients. Other organizations I endorse are CancerAthletics.org, stupidcancer.org, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, VoicesOfSurvivors.com, PlanetCancer.com. CancerCare.org and others. In May 2009 I ran a 1/2 marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Fundraising Team-In-Training Organization and I raised over $3,000.00 with the help of my generous friends and loved ones. I am now happy to have become a philanthropic person and will perform as Rockstar Sissy at any benefit if requested. This year, in June 2011 I attended a mind-blowing Rock Climbing camp with First Descents and had the fortune of being selected as 1 of 3 survivors featured in an upcoming documentary by 3-time Emmy Award winning Serac Adventure Films Company. I will post here when I find out it will be presented.

photo of my artwork
I got rid of my old paints all on one nice colorful painting now hanging in my living room.

Contest entry video page!

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CHEESEBOY Contest Video!!!

Catherine's Cheeseboy Contest Entry Link
photo of me making paper
One year I made paper from paper. I couldn't believe that my own junk mail, I collected in 3 months, weighed like 60 lbs.!
photo of me and my pennies
I collect coins; especially pennies
- I have over 30,000!
(All sorted by date)
photo of me and my shirt
Me wearing a shirt I designed. It's my tree lady jumping free!
photo of me going horseback riding
Me just about to go horseback riding for the first time.
me on my public access show
I love wigs and costumes! I love the different looks I can have - even though I have no where to put all the stuff. Here I am on my public access show viewed from the internet.
Website designed and maintained by Catherine Taormina
In 6 days I learned how to build and launched this website. Here I am with books from the NY Public Library learning how to do it!
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me making gigantic soap bubbles
Making giant soap bubbles in Central Park.
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